Taoist Bodywork

Chi Nei Tsang & Karsai Nei Tsang are powerful ancient healing techniques, developed by Chinese Taoist Monks. The purpose of this practices is to direct the Chi (energy) back into its aligned flow to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The ancient Taoists knew about the importance of the energy channels (meridians) which form a refined network throughout the entire body. Due to maladies like stress, tensions or worries, the meridians can become blocked, causing an energetic disbalance. A physical illness gets manifested if this blockage stays untreated.

Chi Nei Tsang & Karsai Nei Tsang are holistic methods which support the body in energizing and harmonizing the vital and sexual organs. They perfectly complement each other, integrating vitality and sexuality into a holistic state of overall well-being.

Chi Nei Tsang

This technique has an impact on the digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine and urinary systems. The positive effect of this massage multiplies in combination with a detoxifying diet or is well placed as preparation for hydro colon therapy.

Chi Nei Tsang can help with bloating, symptoms of IBS, gastric reflux, constipation, cleaning out toxins, cramps, anxiety, period pains, diabetes, flatulence, back pain, slow metabolism, and heartburn. 

Chi Nei Tsang has its focus on massaging the vital organs which are accessible through the abdomen. It also stimulates specific pressure points which are connected to certain energy channels (meridians). Especially the kidneys, bladder, lungs, small intestines, liver, gall bladder, heart, colon, pancreas, spleen, womb, and ovaries or prostate gland are addressed in this method.

The massage helps to unwind nods and tangles of blood vessels which in consequence allows the energy to flow in perfect alignment and helps the body to naturally detox.

Emotions related to certain organs will be released which lead to more emotional and spiritual clarity and heightened general well-being.

Karsai Nei Tsang

This technique helps with problems associated with the sexual organs, impotency, frequent and difficult urination, painful menstruation, painful intercourse and low sexual libido.

Karsai Nei Tsang focuses on releasing blockages in the genital area, by massaging the sexual organs, anal area & the pelvic floor cavity. For sexual health and well-functioning, it is essential that the flow of blood and energy to the sexual organs is unblocked. If this is not the case, the sexual arousal response can become negatively affected.

Another important benefit of Karsai Nei Tsang is an improved hormonal balance. Karsai Nei Tsang is especially important for anyone who feels blocked sexually.