Sexological Bodywork is a holistic resource for:

> Scar tissue remediation

> Lack of Libido

> Inability to Orgasm

> Erectile Dysfunctions

> Premature Ejaculation

> Performance Anxiety

> Pain during Sex

> Strengthening the pelvic floor

> Shame & Negative Sexual Conditioning

> Masturbation Coaching

Sexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork is a tool for erotic embodiment and a body-based approach to somatic sex education. This modality encompasses the work with your erotic nature, your body-mind-soul trinity and it is a hands-on modality to establish sexual health and awareness.

Methods used in Sexological Bodywork:

> Breathwork, Sound, conscious Touch and Movement

> Witnessing

> Body-, Genital- and Analmassage

> Body-, Genital- and Analmapping

> TEM (Taoist Erotic Massage)

> Orgasmic Yoga (conscious self-love practices)

> Pelvic floor exercises

> Genital Meditation (somatic awareness practice)

> Teaching lab for couples to learn specific skills

> Consent coaching

Sexological Bodywork is for you if you want to:

> live a connected sensual and sexual embodied life.

> initiate an active change in your life, through exploring, embracing and expressing your erotic nature.

> explore your body´s inherent wisdom, which will guide you to a felt sense of wholeness, and support you to establish vitality, zest for life and overall health.

The modality of Sexological Bodywork differs from other bodywork methods by implementing client-based guidance of the process, by relying on the guidance of the innate wisdom of your body. This process requires patience and self-commitment, as we peel off layer by layer of conditioning until we reach your authentic erotic core.

As a Sexological Bodyworker, I am a certified and registered member of the International Institute of Sexological Bodywork (IISB) and underlie conformity with the ethical norms of the practice. I will stay fully clothed during the sessions and the use of medical gloves for genital/anal touch is mandatory. The integration of genital/anal touch intend to bring holistic awareness to an integrated form of sexuality and does by no mean aim for sexual release or arousal.


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Sexological bodywork for me was a healing therapy to address, heal and awaken a conscious approach to sexuality. I received 5 sessions from Angelika and gained from it new sensations, better knowledge of my own body and what it feels, how it feels, where it feels or where there are some knots or blockages. I also discovered in a more intimate manner all the different areas, spots and places within me, which was very informative and insightful. It was a great manner to reconnect to my body more, to get back into sensuality & connection to what I feel. I felt more love for myself and my body.

I find Angelika very present, respectful & dedicated. She has a very sweet presence, gentle, aware touch, and a professional approach to the work. All of which made me feel very safe nurtured and held. I felt very supported and could relax into the process, which helped me to drop out of my mind and be more present in my body and felt sense. The 5 sessions allowed me to dive deeper into my body safely and progressively deepening the healing work. I truly recommend experiencing this work with Angelika whom I find very attentive and caring.

I recommend this work to anyone who wishes to heal their relationship to their body, their sexuality, discover more of their sensuality and experience a beautiful journey with their body temple.

Eve. 34

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Sexological Bodywork is a new way for me to work with myself and my body. It opens up a whole new way to work on deep levels and to experience areas that I have never experienced before. It has also been a very unfamiliar and challenging way for me at first.

I felt very comfortable in the setting in which the sessions took place. Very soon I was able to feel confident. At first, it was hard for me to give instructions. But even this hurdle I could overcome quickly because of the trust.

Angelika felt being a soul-sister to me right from the start,  which allowed me to trust into my process fully. Angelika works very sensitively, lovingly and professionally. I knew that if I dared to take the step to work on my sexuality, it would be with Angelika.

I would recommend Sexological Bodywork to anyone who wants to work openly and honestly on their sexuality. But also to people who are interested in their personal development, because for me the topic of sexuality is a significant part of it.

I can only recommend to anyone to give them trustfully into the tender and sensitive hands of Angelika. She creates a space of security in which everything and everyone is accepted, just the way as he/she is.

Heidi. 32

Sexological Bodywork helped me to discover the presence of sexual energy in my body.

This work has opened many, previously unknown, fields to explore what is sexually possible. Working with Angelika helped me a lot. My sexuality became more diverse and empowered through self-love exercises and various physical exercises, such as the discovery of erogenous zones all over my body.

I would recommend this work to anyone who has lost access to their own sexuality. I appreciate that there are people like Angelika, who do this wonderful work and accompany you through your process.

Thank you, Angelika!

A., 60