Natural Cycle Awareness

As a cyclic woman, you are ever changing – physically, energetically and emotionally. These changes are predictable, like the moon which is waning and waxing repetitively. The art to fully enjoy your feminine nature is to learn how to flow with this innate cyclic changes, instead of resisting or blaming it. Knowing your tides, your floods and ebbs, your highs and depths will bring you deep relaxation, by embracing your different phases to outgo and withdraw.

During your monthly cycle, you are going through four distinct phases which are marked by physical and hormonal changes.

In every phase, you are gifted with a change of energy reflecting your inner season, which gives you valuable guidance on whether it is time to be active and outgoing or reflective and inward going.

These fluctuating patterns help you to find the balance to give and receive, to nurture and be nurtured and to achieve and reflect upon your goals.

Inner Seasons

With the hormonal and energetic changes also comes a change in your emotions, which serve you as your inner voice to walk your path in alignment with your inner truth and highest desire.

Four archetypes are empowering you to flow with your emotions, by accepting what is present.

Female Archetypes

The Crown - menstruation

The Maiden - preovulation phase

The Mother - ovulation

The Enchantress - premenstrual phase

The four Phases

During menstruation, you are in deep winter. Your energy goes within, while your inner crown is reflecting on what needs to be changed or released.

In your pre-ovulation phase, you are in spring. You are the most active, cherishing life, while your inner maiden is full of energy and new ideas to be brought into life.

During ovulation, you are in summer. You are vibrating, and nurturing your projects and beloved ones, while your inner mother is in her fullest glory and grace.

In your pre-menstrual phase, you are in autumn. This is the time where you are reflecting upon your actions, while your inner enchantress is in her full untamed power, which reveals if your actions were in alignment with your inner truth.

Understanding your inner cyclic rhythm brings you relaxation and empowers you in multiple ways. Accepting that you are cyclic in nature and not linear like men, allows you not only to express your energetic and emotional dominant state but also to embody it fully as every season and archetype comes with a unique gift, which leads you to experience wholeness within your self as a cyclic woman.

Natural Cycle Awareness Method

 A woman who knows her body, and how her physical and hormonal changes which are reflected by her inner seasons and dominant archetype, is empowered to use this wisdom together with accurate, and easily applicable fertility signs to choose a natural way to conceive or prevent conception.

This method requires and establishes an intimate connection with the body, as you learn to listen and understand the unique language of your female cyclic nature. It also can bring more intimacy into your relationship, as it provides the opportunity of shared responsibility, where no one has to cope with harming side-effects of synthetic hormones, implantations or operations. Your beloved will not only get to know your cyclic changes but also will find great acceptance, understanding, and relaxation as (s)he cycles with you together through your seasons and inner emotional landscapes.

This method requires time and dedication but once learned, it also gives valuable indications of your hormonal balance and vital health.  

To learn about the female natural cycle is essential for girls and women of any age, even for those who are not cycling anymore. To be in communion in such an intimate way with yourself has uncountable positive effects on your entire life, your sexuality, your career, your creativity, your overall well-being and on your expression as an embodied erotic woman.

Men and boys also gain great value from this knowledge, as it helps to understand and support their beloved women in their lives, which creates harmony and blesses them with the overflowing creativity and love of a balanced and empowered woman.

To get deeper insights into the female cyclic nature, book a private session or join a workshop.