Holistic Tantra Bodywork

Holistic Tantra Bodywork is an invitation for you to surrender to the wisdom of your body and let yourself be carried away on waves of heightened sensations.

A Holistic Tantra Bodywork Session is a transformative journey where you will be seen and honored in your wholeness. My loving and caring touch supports you to build trust and to let go, which are the key components for a deeply sensual experience.

A session last between two to four hours. A ritualistic opening of the sacred space allows us to connect from heart to heart, which is the precondition to meet each other authentically and in wholeness, celebrating the divine essence within.

A Holistic Tantra Bodywork Session can include intimate genital touch, which will be talked about and agreed upon beforehand. Any of this tantric bodywork modalities offer also a beautiful and holistic way to experience deep relaxation and balancing of the body, mind, and soul and can also serve as a beautiful and gentle first approach to the vast realms of tantric bodywork.

A Holistic Tantra Bodywork Session is not to be mistaken as Erotic Massage. The conscious holistic touch I offer does not aim for sexual release or ejaculation. One directional touch and the adherence to ethical norms are irrefutable rules to create an enjoyable and safe space for you and me.

Taoist Tantra Bodywork

The Taoist Tantra Bodywork is based on the ancient wisdom and practices of Taoism. It involves the gentle guidance of the sexual life force energy throughout the entire body. Working on the energy channels (meridians) supports the opening of blockages, bringing the creative energy back into its natural flow.

Increased vital power, good health, relaxation, self-confidence, and sexual enjoyment are some of the common positive effects of this bodywork.  The technique includes specific kinds of touch that stimulate the flow of feminine and masculine energies, which ultimately balance the body’s polarity (yin/yang).

Meditative trance-like states are commonly experienced.  This creates the space for deep introspection, healing and merging with the Tao – when the separate self dissolves into Oneness. 

Five Element Tantra Bodywork

In  Five Element Tantra Bodywork, your body will be awakened in a teasing and playful sensuous way.

The Five Elements – earth, water, fire, air, and ether, are incorporated by using different props and a variety of conscious touches. Your senses will be stimulated and heightened, allowing your body to drop into a deep relaxation.

Kashmiri Tantra Bodywork

The Kashmiri Tantra Bodywork - also known as Shiva-Shakti Massage - carries the receiver on waves of pleasure and well-being.  This bodywork ritual is a safe container in which the innocent inner child meets and merges with the awakened sexual adult. This meeting is the bridge that allows integrative healing to happen.

The touch given in the Kashmiri bodywork is artful, very fluid, loving and intimate: a vortex of deep connection between recipient and giver. Due to the deep intimacy of this ritual and my physical constitution, it is offered only to women.

Goddess Tantra Bodywork

The Goddess Tantra Bodywork is addressing women. In this sacred ritual, we meet from womb to womb, acknowledging the creative and infinite power within. This deep connection forms a trustful and supportive foundation for a gentle and loving exploration of your body´s wisdom.

Elements of the Taoist, Five Elements or Kashmiri Tantra Bodywork will be used to slowly open and to invite the body into relaxation and an expansion into a sense of nourished well-being and pleasure.

As the goddess changes within a lunar cycle, this session flows intuitively and can differ from stage to stage, offering the support, what the current present archetype in you will be served the best.

Conscious Touch Training

Are you interested to learn this sensual mysterious bodywork to enchant your partner with this new skill or to enliven your sexuality? Or maybe you feel inspired to share this holistic way of touch with others and want to enrich your professional toolkit as a bodyworker.

I offer workshops in the holistic art of tantra bodywork to couples, individuals and groups.

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Oh wow, what a deeply sensuous and relaxing experience! Angelika your compassion and experience in the way that you touch and hold me is so beautiful and safe. I feel so held in your presence, and you intuitively know what I need in the moment. I love how you create a space that is so easy for me to feel comfortable, and how you continuously stay present with me through whatever is arising in the moment. You have a voice, touch, and energy that is healing, divine, and loving. I really enjoyed receiving these experiences from you and look forward to the next ones. Thank you for offering your gifts.
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Mmmm what a deep experience receiving from Angelika. I so appreciated her clarity around boundaries and all the information beforehand made me feel very safe and comfortable during the massage. She has an intuitive and magical touch and presence that made the experience truly wonderful.
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For anyone who is looking to harmonize your energies and experience sweet blissful surrender, go and see Angelika for Tao tantric massage. I experienced so much integration and softness in my body during and after this special bodywork session with her. My favorite bodywork that I've had on the island so far. I loved loved loved my healing massage with you, Angelika. You are such a gift. Thank you so much.
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I received Taoist massage from Angelika in Greece, and it was incredibly healing and spiritually profound. I did not have the pleasure to receive Kashmiri massage from her (yet) though if her Taoist massage is any indication, then it would be powerful and amazing as well. Angelika creates a loving and sacred space to be nourished on all levels.
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What a soft and sensitive touch! Energy flows - thank you so much, Angelika!
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What a blessing to know you! Our session was deep, healing, nourishing and sensuous. I felt seen and loved by you touching me. Angelika, you are a gifted healer. Your professionalism equals your magic, softness, delicacy, and your ability to hold a safe space. Thanks for honoring me so beautifully.