My personal life experiences have been guiding me on a path of exploring the depth of my being. Meeting myself in the vulnerable place of frustration, confusion, and despair, of not knowing who I am sexual, realizing that the relation to my body and my sexuality had been misled and self-abusive, where I was not knowing or denying my desires, not validating my boundaries and suppressing my authentic expression, initiated my process of embodiment. 

From this place, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the potentials I hold within. I traveled around the world, exploring different modalities of holistic work which were guiding me step by step to get to know my essence better.

During this period of extensive growth, I experienced the blissful state of being in the flow, where I literally felt that I was carried thru life by the perfect synchronicity of universal order. I can see the perfect alignment of important events throughout this journey, which made me arrive at a place of awareness, where I recognize the importance of a connected way of living, where integrated sexuality stands out as an important cornerstone for liberation and personal fulfillment.

Angelika Maria

Erotic ~ Eros

In the context of my work, I use the term erotic in its original meaning, describing Eros as the life force energy which is inherent in all living beings.

Eros is commonly expressed or understood as the red-hot force which emerges in romance and sexual bonding.

Eros also energizes many other passions in life, such as the passion of artistic expression in music and dance, the desire to be of service and to mentor others, as well as the spiritual desire to be united with the divine.

Eros keeps the wheel turning and creation blossoming, continuously transforming and birthing new life & visions.


A majority of humans have lost the connection to the body and the body's inherent wisdom and the birth given connection to spirit.

Fully settling into your physical body can bring you in touch with the subtle energies that support and form you and it also brings you into present awareness. In this embodied present awareness, in being fully in your physical body,  you also become aware of your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Being consciously aware of and accessing all your bodies generates the feeling of wholeness – the sense of finally coming home, finding peace within yourself.

My Teachers

Deep gratitude for all the amazing teachers I have met on this path for sharing their wisdom and passion in such an authentic and supportive way. I bow deeply to all those mentioned below and to all the loving souls who often gave me the most profound teachings by simply sharing time, love and presence with each other!!! 

Monika Nataraj

Mystical Dance TTC

Monika truly is an ambassador of the Divine Feminine. Her innate wisdom about mystic and devotion, expressed through dance, prayers and rituals, have opened a door to the miracles and wonders of my soul! Monika Nataraj

Monika Nataraj

Monika Nataraj

Mystic Tantra Massage Training

What a joyful and expansive experience to be bathed in Saritas childlike innocence and to be guided by her motherly fiercy and compassionate love and to indulging into the great pleasures and beauty of human-spirit. Thanks to Dharmaraj and Suta, who´s presence created a field of loving care and supportive guidance. Ma Ananda Sarita

Ma Ananda Sarita

Monika Nataraj

Sexological Bodywork Education

To become a Sexological Bodyworker was the most challenging and transformative education I ever embarked on. Joe, Didi, and Mareen thank you for your compassionate guidance and the support on this self-confronting path where I found the confidence to share myself authentically with all that I am with this world. Sexological Bodywork

Joseph Kramer / Didi Liebhold / Mareen Scholl

Monika Nataraj

Moon Mother

Deeply nourished with my heart wide open, centered in my womb, feeling the love of our Great Mother. We are one, and we as women carry the seed of compassionate love, the more we give this gift, the more we will receive and the entire world with us. Thanks for all the Womb Wisdom and Moon Magic!!!Miranda Gray

Miranda Gray

Monika Nataraj

Chi Nei Tsang / Karsai Nei Tsang / Tantra Massage

Deep connection, deep experience!!! What a blast to learn from your expertise and to expand my confidence as a practitioner by teaching what I learned under your guidance as your assistant. Thank you!!!Satyama Lasby

Satyama Ratna Lasby


Deep gratitude also to all my dear friends who have blessed me with their skilfull art! You are amazing!!!

Monika Nataraj

Grafik Design

Valerie is not only my dear sister, she is an astonishing talented artist, author of a beautiful children´s book, gifted healer and bodyworker, amazing dancer and a priestess of the divine feminine. I love you so much!!! And she is beautiful in so many ways!!! Valerie Paraisus

Valerie Paraisus



Beatrice Williams - www.bbtomas.com

Karl Hintersteiner - Hintersteiner Karl Photographie

Iza Viola - IzaViola Photography (pictures offered by Monika Nataraj)

Thank You!!!

Erotic Embodiment

… is what initiated your human experience.

Stripped down to the Big Bang of your existence it was when the ovum allowed the sperm to enter, that Eros was playing out its magic. Bringing spirit into matter.

Using sexual energy as a tool to bring your awareness back into your body is to rewire your body, soul, and spirit and to realign your sex, heart, and mind.

It is an honest, raw and vulnerable path.

Juicy, expressive and authentic.

As it is overall transformative.